Quality is our motivation: Drive belts and kits from Bosch

Drive belts from Bosch guarantee top performance day in, day out. Despite being subjected to considerable mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, they offer unbeatable safety, reliability and economical operation. To maintain the high performance level and reliability of vehicle drive systems, drive belts, tensioning rollers, idler and guide rollers should be replaced at the recommended intervals.

Timing Belts

For driving camshafts and Injection pumps: Timing belts for synchronous power transmission

Timing Belt Kits

For quick, professional replacement: Toothed belt and water pump components in a practical kit

V-Belts and Ribbed V-Belts

Designed for high belt speeds: V-belts and ribbed v-belts guarantee optimum power transmission

Elastic Ribbed V-Belts and Elastic Tool Kit

Elastic ribbed v-belts are quick and easy to fit using the practical elastic tool kit and finally run maintenance-free without any further tensioning