C3 Battery Charger

C3 Battery Charger

Product Information

The Bosch C3 battery charger is an intelligent four-stage automatic battery charger with pulse charging and trickle charging capabilities. Its trickle charging mode enables the charger to monitor and keep the battery at a high level of charge which helps to reduce self-discharge.


The C3 is ideal for charging and maintaining lead acid wet, gel, AGM and VRLA / SLA batteries up to 120Ah (12V) / 14Ah (6V).


Finally, the Bosch C3 is suitable for many applications including classic cars, modern vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, boats and jet skis.

  • 0.8a 6V:1.2 – 14Ah
  • 3.8a 12V: 14 – 120Ah  


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Mounting hook
  • Suitable for Lead acid wet, AGM and gel batteries
  • No risk of overcharge
  • Protection against sparks
  • Full protection against short-circuit & reverse polarity
  • One button for ease of use
  • Fully automatic charging
  • Protection against overheating
  • Memory function
  • The C3 battery charger meets the IP65 dust and splashproof standard and are certified to Australian electrical standards