Why Good Car Wipers Are Important

Why Good Car Wipers Are Important

On rainy days, you depend on your windscreen wipers to improve your visibility and keep you safe. It is actually one of the first safety features that you depend on during rainy seasons. Unfortunately, good wipers are too often neglected with many opting for cheaper wipers to do the job.

What Wears Down Wipers?

Wipers wear down for a variety of reasons, but it mainly happens from a combination of dust, exhaust fumes and exposure to harsh tropical heat. Unless you can control the external environment your car is exposed to, you cannot stop the wearing down of wipers. Good wipers are designed to last longer with some having special rubber formulas to last longer in tropical environments. Cheaper wipers do get the job done but they need to be replaced more frequently as they typically wear down faster. Check your wiper regularly to ensure you do not risk any accidents from your limited vision.

Scratches on your Windscreen

Badly maintained wipers have peeling rubbers that drag across and damage your windscreen. Damaged windscreens further limit your visibility even in non-rainy conditions and is a recipe for dangerous driving. In bad cases, windscreens that are extensively damaged may even have to be replaced! Ouch!

Caring For Good Wipers

As stated above, wipers get worn mainly because of dirt, oil and grime from the environment. Use a damp cloth to regularly clean your wipers and windscreen to safeguard your wipers and finances.

With its extensive safety and money saving potential, why shouldn’t you get a pair of good wipers?

One wrong part can ruin everything.